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Healthy doesn't always mean nasty. Our smoothie makes you rethink that "Deliciousness can also be Nutritious."

Don't let us tell you, let all the thousands of people in our community tell you.

On this site, you can do one of two things : Order Meal Prep Smoothies to get you to your goals (Dulce Detroit) or place an online order for our Storefront. (2949 Preyde Blvd. East Lansing, MI)

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Here at Dulce we provide you with Delicious Whole Fruit Smoothies that help you create your Dream Bodies and it shows, we are nothing less than Great! we BELIEVE!!



  • I am a Winner!

    I was born to do this.

  • You did it so EASY!

    Came from years of Hard Work!

  • I Create My Own PATH!

    I am what people want to be like!