How many smoothies do you guys serve?
We serve over 8 Smoothie flavors. With 2 categories. One category is for Jake and that is catered for our Male Community but is Unisex. The other category is for Marissa that is catered to our Female Community but is unisex.

What comes inside my smoothie?
In every smoothie comes organic fresh fruit, shaved ice, antioxidant boosters, immunity boosters, and fuel blasters. When you do a Smoothie Package and depending on which you get : you have you 40G of protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Manganese, Vitamin A, Potassium, B6. With the choice of each smoothie you can add on A scoop of pure IceCream & a extra 40 grams of protein. Check your smoothie on the online men that you want and it will tell you the “full ingredients.”

What protein comes inside my smoothies?
In your smoothie you have the choice of protein all equaling 40 grams of protein a scoop : Vanilla Protein, Pumpkin Protein, Vegan Protein, Chocolate Protein, Whey Protein Options, Isolate Options.

What kinds of protein do you guys use?
We use Vegan Protein options, Whey Protein Options, and Whey Isolate Options.

Do you guys use fresh organic fruits?
Yes we use fresh organic fruits, and our supplier gets them from Cuba, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Where do your fruits come from?
Our fruits come from Cuba, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Where can I find the menu?
You can find the menu on our online site. Click this link.

How much is your regular smoothie?
Our regular smoothies is $7. You can just ask a representative for a *2 fruit smoothie. The 2 fruits you get to select of your own choice.

How much is your Package Smoothie?
Our Package Smoothies are $9.25. With these smoothies you get to choose your “Gym Maniac Tribe” package and be happy with your product. The Package Smoothies are split into two categories : Jake & Marissa. Depending on what body part you “DREAM OF” and what you want it to look like : we have that for you.

What is the GymManiacs Tribe?
The GymManiacs Tribe is a Tribe full of hundred of exceptional men and women that work on their bodies. They have amazing physiques and they hang out with each other. They are full of confidence, full of life, and love being in the gym. The community is what makes them feel alive as they all share the same values, same mission, and same vision. Gym Maniacs are committed to their dream bodies and fueling with the best food. Protein is on the top of their list, and they are Strong and Fierce at Heart.

What is in your smoothies?
Superfoods, Organic Fruits, Vitamins, Supplements, and antioxidants.
Do all your smoothies come with Protein?

What are all these packages with the smoothies?
All the packages come in two categories
Jake & Marissa (Although they are unisex)
Here is the list : click this link

Can I order a smoothie without a package?
Yes you can order a smoothies without a package. This is where you would combine two fruits to make your smoothie.